Building the ultimate logo presentation.

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Let's talk about logo presentations

Arguably, how you present your designs to a client is the most important part of the design process. Yet, if you head to Google & search for information on ‘logo presentations’ you’re met with limited materials. We want to build an ultimate course that teaches everything a designer needs to know about producing a logo presentation.

What you will learn. 📚

How to present your logo design to a client.

How to structure a killer logo presentation.

Tips & Tricks for building your presentation.

How to “sell” your design concepts to a client.

What questions to ask to speed up the design process.

Common mistakes to avoid when creating your presentation.


What people already say. 💬

“I have been following you for a week or so, everything you deliver is amazingly helpful!”
A. Rey
“Can’t stress enough how god damn helpful you are. Love you guys!”
Zarak Kahn
I feel like I’ve learned more from you in a shorter amount of time than I did in my actual design classes.”

Course Breakdown

1. Getting started

We will cover the basics & get you set up with the right tools for success.

2. Structuring your presentation

We will go in-depth on how to structure a winning logo presentation.

3. Selling your design concepts

You will find out the best strategies to “sell” your design to your client.

4. Asking targeted questions

Understand what questions to ask to speed up the design process.

5. Common mistakes

We will cover common mistakes that designers make when preparing their presentations and how to fix them!

6. 5 hacks for even better presentations

There is always a trick up our sleeve! And we want to share them with you.

7. Putting it all together: building a logo presentation

We will take all of the value we’ve provided you & build a real logo presentation for a client to show it’s practical.

8. The next steps…

We will provide you with a bunch of resources to consistently build an ultimate logo presentation.

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Hey, I'm Ryan.

Not only am I your course instructor, but I’m also a credible leader in the logo presentation space with the development of my startup, Pitchproof. I have also worked as a freelance digital designer for many years: I know how to pitch your design to a client effectively!

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Get answers.

When will the course launch?

We plan to jump straight into the development of the course. You can expect the course to be live by late September 2019.

Is the course only for Pitchproof?

Not at all. The information provided within the course is designed for format of logo presentation.

What do I get when I buy the course?

You’ll receive lifetime access to the materials, resources & future updates.

What’s the level of the course?

There is no necessary knowledge required when signing up to the course. The course content that we will teach is directed towards beginner-intermediate designers, however, will include more advanced content as well.

When does the pre-sale end?

You have until 1st August to pre-order the course. Better be quick!

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